Acoustic panel construction workshop

Learn how to make your own acoustic panels

This instructions are planned so every participant in the workshop can make and take home one absorbent panel and one diffuser panel.

diy tutorial

from 150€

8 hours

Let's get started

It's very easy, you're gonna be fine ;)

If you are going to be working offline you can download the pdf version of the tutorial

Make and take home an absorbent and a diffuser panel per person.

How much does it cost?

A group of friends, some materials and tools ;)

There are two possible prices depending on the absorbent panel that you choose to build. Both the Laserpanel and the Supersimply are equally efficient, the difference is their aesthetics.

Workshops can be for groups of 10, 20, 30, or more people. The simplest way is to calculate multiples of 10 ;)

*Prices are without VAT. They include the cost of all materiales but not the tools.

What tools do I need?

Check which panels you can build with each tool ;)

These are calculations to build 10 Laserpanel or 10 Supersimply and 10 Ultrafusor in a workshop of 10 people.

If you live in Madrid, send us an email and we'll lend you the tools ;) [email protected]

What materials do I need?

Check which panels you can make with each material ;)

These are calculations to build 10 Laserpanel or 10 Supersimply and 10 ultrafusor in a workshop of 10 people.

*If you have access to a laser cutting machine you can make your own Kit, you will only need to buy the fabric and the wood to cut with. 

How do I organize the workshop?

Follow these steps below and work in groups of two.

The workshop will be divided into 4 parts: introduction + building of the Ultrafusor panel in the morning, and building of the Laserpanel panel + final conclusions in the afternoon.

While waiting for all people to arrive it can be a good moment to organize the work area ;)

1. Organize the work area

Prepare four areas joining small tables if necessary

Prepare areas where 2 people can work and have enough room to store work material and all finished pieces.

2. Organize materials and tools

Review the tutorial and place the necessary materials on the corresponding tables.

We will work in groups of two. Distribute tasks in each group and rotate people so that everyone can practice all the steps.

3. Start working on the slowest tasks

You can start by advancing work on the slowest tasks. The idea is to maintain a good flow of work and avoid bottlenecks.

Cut Geopannel: 20 squared pieces for 10 panels in total. 6 people with scissors and cutters can work on the step 6 of the #laserpanel online tutorial.

Cut rectangles: 100 rectangles for 10 diffuser panels. 2 people with hot knives can work on the step 1 of the #ultrafusor online tutorial.

Distribute materials: 2 people can help distributing the materials.

4. Ready to build the Ultrafusor panel

Follow the steps of our online tutorial.

5. Ready to build the Laserpanel

Follow the steps of our online tutorial.

This tutorial is still quite new. If you think something is not explained enough or you got stuck somewhere, we really wanna know. Please send us an email to [email protected].

Any suggestions, any questions, anything... yes, we are at [email protected].

Has it helped you? Did you build it? Would you improve something? Please don't be shy, we take feedback really really well :)


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It is very important for us to know if you had any difficulties and whether you made your own panel or not. In order to evaluate our tutorials we need to know how many individual persons have tried to make their own panels, and how many have succeeded.

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