Acoustic Panels

Open and competitive designs

Hertz Lovers is a project which helps make acoustic treatment easy and accessible. We share great designs which can be built at very low cost and are super easy to make.  

Hertz Lovers presentation @ Un año en un día en Medialab Prado

Our Open Designs

Easy and quick to make, with really low material cost.

The Laser Absorbent Panel is a digital manufacturing solution to reduce the reverberation of a room.
20 $
60 minutes
View Laser Panel tutorial
An open source diffusor, made of polystyrene with 420 cells.
That’s lots of cells :)
30 minutes
 View The Polyfusor tutorial
This absorbent panel is probably the quicker, easier and cheaper design ever.
10 $
15 minutes
View SuperSimply tutorial

More designs to come

more ways to make good acoustics accessible for all

We have only released our first three tutorials but we are working on more. Three different absorbent panels and two diffusors in total.

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